What Will You Do Today?

daily thoughts Dec 23, 2020

What will you do today?

Will you check in on someone who is fighting Covid alone?

Will you offer a kind word to someone you disagree with?

Will you remind yourself to be patient if you are frustrated?

What will you do?

Will you make the choice to work within your limitations?

Will you choose to make the best of the bad?

Will you choose to reach out if you are overwhelmed?

What will you do?

Will you choose to smile instead of frown?

Will you choose to love instead of hate?

Will you choose engagement over ambivalence?

What will you do?

Will you choose to be aware of the intent behind your words and actions?

Will you choose to be grateful?

Will you choose to live a day of joy?

What will you do?

Will you see the good in people?

Will you act with kindness without seeking validation?

Will you remember that you are loved and that you love?

Life is finite. If we are lucky we get 29,000 days. The energy we bring to every waking moment is our choice and our choice alone.

What will you do?

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Why Is There Music In Film?

film music Dec 15, 2020

Music is a curious thing. Ask a million people what music means to them and you’ll probably get a million different answers. This is largely due to the fact that music subconsciously triggers our memory. Understanding how music relates to memory is crucial to understanding why filmmakers rely on music to help tell their story.

“There are different kinds of memory, including explicit and implicit memory. Explicit memory is a deliberate, conscious retrieval of the past, often posed by questions like: where was I that summer? Who was I travelling with? Implicit memory is more a reactive, unintentional form of memory.”

When someone hears a piece of music their memory is involuntarily triggered.

Think about that for a second.

Every audience member can have a different response, recall a different memory, to every piece of music they hear.

This idea alone will give you a sense of how powerful music is in film, and why it is so important to interpret the wishes of your...

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A word about discipline

defining your purpose Dec 15, 2020

We’ve all heard the word. Usually it refers to chores or obligations. But how does it relate to the creative person? Or, to the freelancer?

By definition, “discipline” is tied to conforming to a specific behavior. This can feel incredibly restrictive to anyone with an artistic temperament. People gravitate towards the arts because they have something they want to say...a burning desire to be heard. So, the natural inclination is to rebel from anyone or anything that is restrictive. Why not flip this to use the concept of discipline towards something YOU want instead of complying with someone else’s rules?

So, how can we use the negative energy of resistance in a positive way, channel the need for personal expression into value for ourselves and others?  How can you create positive results if you are rebelling from a conditioned response to a word or idea? 

The difference is that you will be responsible to yourself for the results you achieve. Your...

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Sunday Morning Coffee Vol. 1

2021 blog sunday musings Dec 06, 2020

A weekly musing of art, music and life in the 21st Century

6 December 2020

I am hopeful

Like you, some days I wake up and can’t wait to get my day going. Then there are some days that I don’t want to get out of bed, And then there are days where I have to get up but need copious amounts of caffeine to get me started. It seems like Pandemic mornings slide into the latter rather than the former. I am my most vulnerable because I know I have to find a way to keep going even though everything I’ve known to be true in the past is now uncertain. I can waft into a depression or avoidance at the drop of a hat. Then I remember I have to try to figure out how to pay my bills, stay healthy, deal with isolation and worry about my friends who are sick. Survival is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. So where do we go from here?

“In an event horizon the status quo is detached from the future”—Nolan Bushnell

The term “event horizon was...

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Matching the emotional intent of a film- Part One

2021 blog Nov 30, 2020

Part 1. 

When I was a wee lad trying to figure out how to get into the film scoring business I had met an amazing woman named Else Blangsted. I used to walk with her in Coldwater Canyon near her home. A feisty, wiry woman with piercing blue eyes, one day I asked her: “how do I get into the film business?” Without hesitation she said:: “read a lot of books” and “getting hired is like dating”. The first comment was about craft. The second was about getting hired. Today I’m going to talk about craft. We can get to the dating part another day.

Read a lot of books.

What in the hell does that mean? At face value it has nothing to do with music. At the time my mind was full of orchestrations, arrangements, writing songs… anything and everything you can imagine. I didn’t need a practice room. I lived in one in my head 24/7.  I loved to read though… so I kinda knew where she was going with her comment. But I wasn’t...

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Too many choices?

analyzing the problem Mar 21, 2019

But but but…

I can do this, and this, and this and this!

If only they knew everything about you….all of the skills you have.

If they only knew that you loved variety and can bring disparate elements to your work…

Is that what they want?

Most people...

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Productivity isn’t a problem... is it?

deadlines Mar 20, 2019

It’s reassuring to tell yourself that you know your business.

  • You have experience.
  • You are productive and get the job done.
  • You make conscious decisions.

You don’t always agree with everyone but you know how to say no and how to persuade your collaborators.

Sometimes our habits and conditioning are...


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“But I love it! Why don’t you?”

defining your purpose Mar 18, 2019

It’s funny, really, how attached we get to our work.

It feels SO good it’s easy to be blind other alternatives.

And, if it feels so good why would we even consider making changes?

Remember this: when you are...

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Aren't We Creatures Of Habit?

It’s true that we tend to repeat behavior sometimes without really thinking about it. It’s worked in the past so we don’t give it much thought. We go through our day doing what has worked for us before.

 But what do we do when our habitual behavior isn’t getting the results we want?


 #composers #composer #creative #creatives #filmmakers #filmcomposer #filmscore #filmmusic #filmscoring

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My self-worth is not...

staying on target Mar 15, 2019

Quincy Jones is famous for the phrase: “my self-worth is not dependent upon your approval of me.”

It’s natural to feel unsure of yourself and look for reassurance. We all do it. I’ve come to believe that performers have an abundance of a “look at me, look at me, look at me” gene. It’s unavoidable. It is also natural for you to feel insecure when you are exposing yourself to criticism or judgment. Vulnerability is a huge part of the creative process.

Composers are afflicted with the same tendencies but...


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