Making your dreams a reality

2021 blog Mar 08, 2021

We can mitigate our chances for failure by making good decisions. Seems logical. But, why is it that what we want is always out of reach? Perhaps our expectations are unrealistic? Or, we don’t understand what is required to make our expectations a reality? 

What I have learned:

Successful people we admire have developed the ability to analyze their aspirations, create a strategy to achieve their goals, devise tactics and be committed to executing their strategy. Defined Goal, Strategy,Tactics and Dedication. It doesn’t matter if you are going to the moon or around the block. The process is the same. This may sound cold and calculated because it is. But, it doesn’t mean going after your dreams has to be uninspiring. On the contrary this isn’t an either/or question. It can be both.

The “secret sauce” to making your dreams a reality is knowing how to compartmentalize your thoughts. This will eliminate questions with no answers like:  “how did they do it?” or “I wish I could go to the moon”. Instead, you will be able to ask yourself: “what” did they do to make their dreams a reality? 

The good news is that you, as a creative soul, have already done the heavy lifting. You know how to define a goal, develop a strategy, create tactics and have the dedication to execute your strategy. 

Now, to be fair, not all dreams are achievable. But, not meeting an expectation is not failure. It is only another step in the process. Learning what not to do is as important as knowing what to do. 

The truth is that most things in life will not work out like we have imagined. The difference between those we admire and the rest of us is pretty simple. Those who achieve aren’t afraid of failure because they know if they have the courage to fail they have the ability to succeed. 

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