Connection: the role of the artist in the 21st century

defining your purpose Jan 22, 2021


Authentic connection

It is easy to take for granted someone’s gentle smile. How it instantly brightens your day and lightens your load. That moment when your eyes connect and you peer into each other’s soul can be magical. Providing a simple act of kindness has as great an impact on the giver as it has on the recipient. A moment of authentic connection is the tie that binds us together. It is an example of our desire to belong. 

When we are stressed or under threat (like Covid 19) we tend to rely on methods that we have used in the past to cope with our situation. One could say it’s a version of the fight/flight response. But what if that doesn’t work? What if it exacerbates our discomfort? What if we don't have adequate skills to respond? Human connection is more important now than ever. 

Music and memory….

Our memory records our lives like our own virtual reality game. We remember not only the words or images, our brain documents...

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A word about discipline

defining your purpose Dec 15, 2020

We’ve all heard the word. Usually it refers to chores or obligations. But how does it relate to the creative person? Or, to the freelancer?

By definition, “discipline” is tied to conforming to a specific behavior. This can feel incredibly restrictive to anyone with an artistic temperament. People gravitate towards the arts because they have something they want to say...a burning desire to be heard. So, the natural inclination is to rebel from anyone or anything that is restrictive. Why not flip this to use the concept of discipline towards something YOU want instead of complying with someone else’s rules?

So, how can we use the negative energy of resistance in a positive way, channel the need for personal expression into value for ourselves and others?  How can you create positive results if you are rebelling from a conditioned response to a word or idea? 

The difference is that you will be responsible to yourself for the results you achieve. Your...

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“But I love it! Why don’t you?”

defining your purpose Mar 18, 2019

It’s funny, really, how attached we get to our work.

It feels SO good it’s easy to be blind other alternatives.

And, if it feels so good why would we even consider making changes?

Remember this: when you are...

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“Breaking away from ideas that aren’t working”

defining your purpose Mar 11, 2019

When you are in the throes of creative expression it’s impossible to be objective about what you are doing because being organized and being creative are two different states of being. We use different parts of our brain in each. Creative endeavors that resonate with others come from a state of flow, or at the very least are based in an emotion.

We can easily be seduced by how we “feel” about what we are doing...and lose sight of where we are headed.

Accepting the concept of being...

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“But I “Like” beating my head against a wall”

defining your purpose Mar 04, 2019

Why do you keep doing the same thing over and over again even though you're not getting the response you want?

It’s what you know. You’ve done it before.

Sometimes we equate familiarity with success

There is comfort in the familiar. It gives you a sense of pride and satisfaction.

And it’s scary to think...

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I’ve got everything I need

defining your purpose Feb 25, 2019

It’s funny how narrow minded some people can be. They may work hard and attain a degree of competency and then use that as a reference to say I’m ready for the world.

You go to school. You learn. You practice. You do all the things that people you trust suggest you do. Shouldn’t that be enough to succeed?

Achieving excellence is not a singular pursuit of a skill or knowledge.

Focusing on one aspect of your business and life can result in mastering a skill but will not be enough ...

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“Having a goal is enough...”

defining your purpose Feb 18, 2019

I don’t really need to plan out my strategy. It's obvious to me.

I’m a hard worker...I really want to succeed… I’ll keep doing what I’ve done before because that’s all I really know how to do. It’s worked so far (with varying degrees of success) so I’ll just keep plugging away and hope for the best.

If you want to attain a career goal that is beyond where you are today why is it so difficult?


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