Artists are emotional...

deadlines Mar 13, 2019

Yes. Artists use their emotions in their work.

It comes with the territory.

Accessing their feelings enables the artist to present a unique point of view.

After all: art is a means of expression...

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If I only ….!

analyzing the problem Mar 12, 2019

If I only ….!

Sure. If you had everything you think you need everything would be fine.

You’d be able to get the jobs you want.

You’d reach your goals.

You’d find happiness in your life.

Focusing on what you lack actually creates a wall that impedes your forward momentum.

If only … is actually...

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“Breaking away from ideas that aren’t working”

defining your purpose Mar 11, 2019

When you are in the throes of creative expression it’s impossible to be objective about what you are doing because being organized and being creative are two different states of being. We use different parts of our brain in each. Creative endeavors that resonate with others come from a state of flow, or at the very least are based in an emotion.

We can easily be seduced by how we “feel” about what we are doing...and lose sight of where we are headed.

Accepting the concept of being...

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Meeting Johnny Mandel

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2019

I am going to publish an autobiography later this year. The following is an excerpt: 

"Whenever I would write something I would take it with me to Sunday dinner and ask Billy to look it over and give me a critique. Billy quietly looked at my arrangement after dinner. He had the most amazing concentration. He could “read” a score in silence and hear it in his head. After he finished he didn’t say much. Then, unannounced, Johnny Mandel appeared in Billy’s living room...."

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Your Emotional Investment

staying on target Mar 07, 2019

You have made your deal. You know what you are supposed to do. The stage is set for you to begin.

You invest an enormous amount of yourself  when you are creating in the hope that you...

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Dealing With Changes

deadlines Mar 06, 2019

Sometimes there are valid reason that goals change.

There could be an unavoidable, unrelated problem that affects your role.

These problems have to be dealt with regardless of how they affect you.

Chronic indecision seems to come from...

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Does being an expert make it easier to communicate?

analyzing the problem Mar 05, 2019

Does being an expert make it easier to communicate?

Some would say of course.

You are the expert. You’ve spent the time to become an expert in your field.

You know more about your field than the person who hired you.


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“But I “Like” beating my head against a wall”

defining your purpose Mar 04, 2019

Why do you keep doing the same thing over and over again even though you're not getting the response you want?

It’s what you know. You’ve done it before.

Sometimes we equate familiarity with success

There is comfort in the familiar. It gives you a sense of pride and satisfaction.

And it’s scary to think...

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The dangers of personal biases

Sure. we all have opinions.

It makes up who we are.

We don’t think about it very often.

We act out of habit.

If you are by yourself and have no one to answer to or, if you surround yourself with like minded people then you would have little motivation to question your opinions.

Your opinions are important. As a creative person you draw upon your experiences to help make your choices.

What would cause you to reconsider?


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Breaking News: All your dreams will come true!

staying on target Feb 28, 2019

We all have expectations.

It is normal to anticipate all the good things that will happen when we get an opportunity.

The people you will meet...

The money you’ll make

The boost you will get to your…

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