What is the cost of kindness?

2021 blog Jan 05, 2021
What is the cost of kindness?
Not much for some...exorbitantly expensive for others. It really comes down to risk vs. reward, to love vs. fear and to lack vs. abundance.
It seems to me that the currency of kindness is acknowledgment.
It is possible to acknowledge others without being defensive, threatened or attacked.
In fact acknowledging others simply means: "I hear you". It doesn't mean I agree or disagree with you or, love you or hate you. All it means is "I hear you".
Perhaps "I hear you" is the place to start to mend our wounds?
Perhaps "I hear you" is the place to recognize we have more in common than not.
Perhaps we have lost sight of the power and benefits of "I hear you"?
Perhaps "I hear you" can make sharing a random act of kindness easier?
Kindness doesn't cost much...other than to listen with an open heart. Judgements about right or wrong, agree or disagree can come later.
Kindness can become a way of life... if you let it.
That's my wish for 2021.

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