Who are you?

2021 blog Jan 02, 2021


I mean really: “who ARE you?”

Are you defined by your:





I can’t speak for other cultures but I will generalize that in the Western world we like to think we are open minded. We would like to think we are evolved. We would like to think we are (you fill in the blank).  

But are we really?

We are human beings. Sure. But, like all living creatures we cannot escape the fact that we are not the sentient beings we would like to think we are. We are a product of our conditioning. 

If we see a stranger walking down the street or read a social media post do we not instantly assess their status in life? Do we not instantly compare ourselves to them? Are we like them? Are we different? 

To be fair, this is part of our survival instinct. We are hardwired to scan our environment. We need to determine if we are safe or at risk. But what if the perception of risk is the result of our conditioning? What if our conditioning has created a false sense of security. What if those who disagree with our conditioning are actually more similar that we think?

Who are we?

Covid is the great leveler. It knows no boundaries Covid is unconcerned with race, wealth or social status. We are in the midst of a cultural time out. And, for the first time in decades we have been forced to experience something together. Suddenly we have something in common. We now have something we can all agree on. Cavalierly judging others by how they compare to us suddenly has less meaning. Suddenly we share common risks and fears.

The status quo provides the fuel classism needs to survive. And while some desperately cling to their beliefs out of fear of change, many are being propelled by their desire to create a new way of life. If we can no longer create a sense of comfort by comparing ourselves to others where do we go from here? Suddenly “who are we” needs a new definition. 


Who will you become?

Will you still be defined by your:





Or, will you redefine your reality with the awareness that we are more alike than dissimilar?

These are the questions we will all face sooner than later. Choose wisely.


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