Please, please puh-leeeese!!!  I NEED THIS JOB!

Adding value to someone’s life or business is attractive. 

Desperation is unseemly.

People work with people they know and people they like to be around. So, the challenge for any creative person is to switch the paradigm from “what do I need” to “what can I offer/give?”.

Sure. We have the tools to be able to constantly push messages and pitches out to the world. But, what value does it create? Will overwhelming people with what YOU need be of value to them? Will your barrage of sales pitches create the opportunity for meaningful relationships? Will incessant reminders of how “cool you really are” be perceived as adding value? Or, are you broadcasting how desperate you are?

Propagandists like to incite and overwhelm knowing full well that if a lie is repeated often enough that it will be believed by many to be the truth. But, is that an effective strategy for a creative professional?

Successful creative relationships are collaborations of the human spirit. Collaborations require intimacy to be effective. Intimacy requires trust. To establish trust requires honesty and transparency. When you are dealing with something as abstract as music, art, or any situation that requires a leap of faith to connect the dots every aspect of a collaboration gets amplified. 

It’s time to jump the shark.

The role of the creative professional is not to look for validation. The role of the creative professional is to help OTHERS find solutions to their problems. If you flip your intent to helping others facilitate THEIR dreams you will exude confidence and inspiration to those in need. You will be perceived as an asset rather than an obligation. You will become someone who adds. You will become more desirable.

It’s not specifically WHAT you do that is important it is how you make people FEEL that is important. Why? Because how you make people feel is what they remember. 

If you want a job...include the management of your interactions. The value you create will be immeasurable. And you might even get the job… or two… or three.

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