Top Ten Myths about being a Film Composer #10

Uncategorized Jul 17, 2018

Myth #10-

"My music is a perfect fit for film"

Reality check-
Music in film is not about your music, my music or anyone's music per se. The role of music in film is to help the film maker tell his/her story more effectively. Period.
Sure...if a film maker likes what you may get the opportunity to work on their film.
If you get the opportunity...good for you!!! The battle is half won.
The other half is to do whatever it takes to make your boss (the director) happy. While it is gratifying to have someone flatter you about how talented you are, or how great your music is never lose sight of what the main goal is: happy customers.
Directors are not musicians. They are directors. Directors have a knack for finding ways to motivate those around them to achieve their goals/needs. Some might call it manipulation.
Directors are not your friends. The director is your boss. Treat the relationship with the appropriate respect.
Next week: #9 "All I have to do is write wonderful music and I will be a success"


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