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“This program will provide your students with access to world-class instruction by renowned professionals in a unique format so you can help them and yourself at the same time! I have taught these courses. I know they work.”

Chris Boardman CEO, Founder CBMG Enterprises


The affiliate program is designed so you can create new revenue and help your students by doing not much more than keeping your eyes open for students who have a desire to mentored by world-class professionals. Our short video series will guide so you can understand the program. Remember: there is no obligation. We value our relationship so you will never be spammed and your information will not be shared.

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Chris Boardman Film Scoring Master Class

Developed while legendary composer and orchestrator Chris Boardman was an Assistant Professor of Practice at The Frost School of Music, this course became wildly popular with students. It helped drive 2x growth in the Media Writing and Production program and 3x growth in the graduate program.

This online version maintains all of the experiential knowledge and the hybrid class format found in the original with the added bonus of having a series of webinars as “office hours”. These video chats allow for one on one mentoring with students in real time.


Beginning his career in the film, television and recording industry in 1974, Chris Boardman has consistently worked at the top echelon of the entertainment industry. He has received an Academy Award nomination for “The Color Purple”, 6 Emmy Awards, 13 Emmy nominations, ASCAP and BMI film awards and multiple platinum records for his work with such iconic artists as Quincy Jones, David Foster, Steven Speilberg, Julie Andrews, Shirley MacLaine, Barbara Streisand, Marvin Hamlisch and Josh Groban.
Well known in Hollywood circles as one of a handful of musicians who can write anything, Boardman’s credits span both industry and genre. Whether it be conducting David Foster’s “World Children’s Day” for television, composing the 70’s inspired score for Mel Gibson’s “Payback”, arranging period dance music for “Swing Kids” and “Meet Joe Black”, orchestrating Anthony Newley’s “Chaplin” for Broadway or leasing and producing solo recordings as an artist, Boardman embraces these challenges with characteristic integrity and passion. He is one of the most uniquely versatile and highly respected musicians in the industry. Always looking for new challenges, Boardman founded a successful social media content consulting practice in 2010 and is at the forefront of the fast-moving online media space.

​Boardman enthusiastically began his teaching career in 2012 at the acclaimed Frost School Of Music at The University of Miami as an Assistant Professor of Practice and director of the Media Writing and Production program.  As a testament to his continual quest for excellence, Boardman recently received his 2nd consecutive “Mentor of the Year nomination awarded by the graduate school of the University of Miami.  His latest project involves reconfiguring the courses he developed at the University of Miami into an online format under the banner of The Chris Boardman Media Group. 


"Chris has had personal experience with most all of the great composers, arrangers and orchestrators of the past 30 years. His knowledge and command of the orchestra is masterful. His practical experience with so many genres is unsurpassed. I know of few others who have "been there, done that" as well as Chris has over the years. His willingness to share his experiences with future generations is a gift that few can give."

-Quincy Jones 

"Many years ago I was just finishing the score for Lethal Weapon 1 and I had strong feelings about orchestrating all of my own compositions. I was just about to walk out of the studio the evening prior to the final session when joel Franklin, who has the thankless task of copying the music I write so illegibly, asked me how much more music I had to write for the next morning's session? When I replied, Oh... about fifteen minutes more", He said, incredulously "How are you going to do that tonight?" I replied, in all innocence, "I guess I'll just go back to the hotel and stay up all night." It was his turn to be incredulous. "What!!" he said "Are you going to kill yourself for a movie??" When I shrugged my shoulders and said, "I guess so" he said "I can't let you do that. Call this number, this guy thinks like you, can write like you, and will help save your life".
About an hour later, Chris Boardman walked into my hotel room and left with two or three cues that in fact, saved my life, completed the movie and began a relationship that continued through all of the Lethal Weapons, Die Hards, and other projects.
He has saved my life many many times and has made my music sound great in the process. He has earned my gratitude and respect. His command of the orchestra is masterful. I never hesitate to recommend him as a great musician and composer as I have recommended him to Joel Silver for his "Tales From The Crypt" feature, I recommend him to you. Listen. Enjoy. You're in the hands of a master.

-Michael Kamen 

"Chris Boardman has demonstrated over the years not only a broad knowledge of all types of music, but brings to any project on which he works a special, indefinable quality which separates him from his peers. Call it sheer talent, hipness, passion…whatever you will, but you can be assured that if a piece has his name on it, it’s special. His erudition makes him the perfect person to guide new composers and arrangers, since he is at home in all fields of musical expression."  

-Larry Grossman (Broadway composer).

""An immense musical talent, a strong innate musicality and a resume to make envy make Chris Boardman the ideal teacher. It is difficult to meet a man of such success that with such humility and passion is willing to share his secrets accumulated after many years of success. Chris is a magnetic person If you want to take seriously a music composer career, I strongly recommend Chris."

Jacopo Trifune
M.M. MWP Program, Frost School of Music, University of Miami 

"Chris is a treasure trove of knowledge when it comes to the application of compositional techniques in any film scoring setting. His mentorship provided me with valuable lessons in the business and process of film scoring. He emphasized the importance of the history of film, and its role in the development of the present-day tools and tricks used to realize a film score. If you have a desire to improve the efficiency of your process and the effectiveness of your film scores, contact Chris."

Carter Soso
B.M. MWP Program, Frost School of Music, University of Miami

"Chris is a seasoned Hollywood composer, orchestrator and frankly an inspiration and a driving force.

I'm grateful to all that Chris has given back through his teaching and words of wisdom.

A consummate professional and a gentleman. Proud to know him"

Alex Brown
M.M. Studio Jazz Writing, Frost School of Music, University of Miami

About CBMG Enterprises

CBMG Enterprises LLC was born out of a true passion to “pay forward” invaluable experiential knowledge of industry leaders in a format relevant to future film composers and commercial musicians. With the proliferation of online courses, academies and schools it is difficult for students of any age to determine which courses to choose and who to trust. It is imperative that we only offer courses that are derived from the personal experience of the instructors in a format conducive to instructor engagement and peer interaction. We also understand that everyone learns differently. The format we use was developed during 6 years of classroom teaching experience to enable “mentoring” instead of forcing students to sit through lectures that invariably duplicate what can easily found online. We are excited to bring an approach with proven success to you and your students.


Entitlement vs. Gratitude 

For most of us, our expectations about what life will bring us are formed in childhood. If you show up in youth sports, you get a trophy. If you pick the correct multiple-choice questions, you will get a good grade. If you behave in a particular way, you will get the desired result. Well-meaning adults unconsciously fill children with these thoughts throughout their lives. 

To paraphrase TV psychologist Dr. Phil: “how’s that working for you?”

The truth is no one is guaranteed anything in life. Just because you “desire something” doesn’t mean you are “entitled” to have it regardless of the how often this idea is reinforced.

Does this prepare you for the inevitable rejection you will encounter in life?


Amateur or Professional?

Webster defines “business” as a purposeful activity. If we are purposefully in the act of creating art, we are by definition in the business of making art. Where so many of us struggle is imagining ourselves as more than artists. We are, in fact, businesspeople but either we have been conditioned to believe it is somehow beneath the artist or, it is so far out of our comfort zone that is impossible to conceive that we could be more than the act that fuels our creativity.

Business can seem like a foreign language. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

It is only a mystery of we prefer to isolate ourselves in our ignorance.

Top Ten Myths about being A Film Composer #7

"I don't have to worry about technique"
Let me ask you: Have you every tried to build anything? Have you ever tried to put something together without reading directions? Have you ever cheated on a test or tried to get some one to do homework for you?
Let's say you wanted to build a simple box out of wood. Sounds simple enough. But, if you look a little deeper there are many, many  things you need to do to successfully build a square box out of raw wood. First you need a design with dimensions. Then you will need to figure out how to purchase the wood and what kind wood you want. Then you will have to cut the wood to size. Assembly is next followed by the application of paint, varnish or sealer. Building a box from scratch out of wood requires expertise (or at least working knowledge) of many tasks. If you are a carpenter for hire there is another dynamic to consider: you are building this box to suit some one else's taste!


How long is course available?

Each student will have access to the course for 1 year.

How long does the course take?

The course has twelve modules with several videos. At the current time we schedule “sections” much like a semester so all students can benefit from the webchats.

Will you offer other courses?

Yes. Currently we are producing an online version of the  “Introduction to Video Game Scoring” class that was taught at the Frost School. It will  be offered in 2019.

Are affiliates expected to refer a specific number of students?

No.  These courses are for specific niches of interest. This will limit the number of students who are seriously interested.

Are there prerequisties for the course.

Yes to an extent. It is preferred that the student has taken core music classes (theory, ear-training, keyboard etc). It is also suggested that the student have experience with a notation program, a DAW (Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Logic, Cubase) and some experience creating mockups and mixing. 

What is an affiliate expected to do?

This program is offered as a service for students and adjuncts alike. As such an affiliate will be expected to identify and be responsive to students who have sufficient interest in the subject matter. 

How do I refer them?

You can post a button or link on a personal website or blog (not a university website). The link can either go to your personal email or to

How do I get paid.

As an affiliate you will be issued a personalized promo code. When a student purchases the course you will be credited with the sale and will paid your commission.

How does a student get my promo code?

You can post it on your site or email it to them.

How does a student enter the promo code?

On the offer page there is a field below the price where a promo code can be entered.

How does a student pay the tuition fee?

We currently accept credit card or Paypal. The shopping cart can be found in the offer page. 

How much does it cost.

Pricing for the film scoring course will vary between 70% and 80% off University of Miami graduate tuition ($5700).

Can I preview the course?

Yes. In addition to video explanation above, access to a separate preview edition will be provided after you have signed up as an affiliate.

Can I share the course with other teachers or students?

No. You are prohibited from sharing the course. However, you can demo the course by using the preview edition.

What do I or students do if there is something that is not easily understood?

If you have any issues with the course let us know immediately. We will take care of it.

What is the duration of the course?

The course is designed to complete one module per week to coincide with the scheduled webinar/office hours. However, the student is not restricted from working at their own pace.

Are you available by phone for support?

I am available through the comments section on the course, email and Facebook Messenger to my Page: Chris Boardman Media Group.

What language?


Are there any assignments?

Yes. There are assignments at the end of each module. A Google Form is embedded in the text box of each module.

Can students post their work online?

Project One has no video. There is no restriction. Project Two utilizes a copyright protected scene. It cannot be shared with original music- ever. However, the music that has been produced can be shared without the video.

Can I take it multiple times?

A student has unlimited access to the course for one year.


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