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Learn how to work communicate effectively with producers and directors 

What does the course cover?

Here is a PM description I shared with a prospective student:

"Basically it is 1/2 of the masters course I taught in graduate school. All of the information is derived from my on the job personal experience.

What was most difficult for me at the beginning of my career was knowing how to communicate with filmmakers. I was a precocious musician with great musical skills but sorely lacking in personal skills. I could talk about music but I had no idea how to communicate with directors. So I wrote the course from the point of view of the filmmaker not just about music. This is because film composers are dept. heads in a larger management structure.

The course is a soup to nuts, comprehensive look at:

  • using video with Protools,
  • setting up session & using markers, understanding how scenes are constructed,
  • hit points,
  • placing thematic material,
  • character analysis,
  • story structure
  • crafting a chase cue using multiple themes and more.

The course doesn’t talk so much about traditional compositional techniques because that isn’t the purpose. It’s to help you make the leap from musician to musical story teller so you can tailor you musical ideas at will to match an edit.

In my experience asynchronous courses (with no teacher interaction) is a waste of time. For that reason I will do several office hours type Zoom calls to give direct feedback "

*Note: graduate students paid $5700 to take the full course at The University of Miami. This course is compressed into 2 projects instead of 4.

Is A Film Scoring Course Worth The Money?

If you want to you know what it's really like to be a working film composer then you will get a lot out of this course. Originally taught in graduate school, this course has been reconfigured in an online format so you can now take this masters level course directly from Chris Boardman Courses for PENNIES ON THE  DOLLAR compared to college tuition. Think of it this way: if this course helps you get work you will recoup your investment in your first project.

Who Makes Movies

Film making is a team sport. Increase your value by knowing your role

How Director's Talk

Communicating effectively with filmmakers will help you create more opportunities

Musical Story Telling

Knowing how to shape your music so  is money in the bank. This skill is essential for you to master.

Prepare yourself for success

If you want to have the chops to score any type of film then send me an email and we can discuss the course, pricing and what you'll need to know to get the most out of the experience. 

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