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Reduce your indecision so you can make smart decisions!

Learn How To Build Your Business

Organize Your Passion

Learn how every successful business is structured so you can stop wondering what to do and begin increasing your value

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Realize why it's important evaluate your business performance so you can get the best return for your time and money!

Knowledge = Power

Discover how to use these concepts so you can act with strength and confidence and build your career with authority and confidence!

Here's What You'll Learn

When you take this course you’ll learn what ingredients are found in every business, why a strong foundation will enable you to build a solid future, how to apply these concepts and show you specific steps to follow so you can set yourself up to succeed!

No matter where you are at in your career you will always have to manage and maintain your business life. It is unavoidable. Creative people who understand this AND keep their focus on being creative establish sustainable careers. Sure… you waste a lot of time online trying to find advice online but how do you know if it really works? This short course is taken from an entrepreneurship course I taught at The University of Miami. In this program I am going to show you what the different components of a business are, why they will be important to you, how to relate them to your life as a freelance creative so you can to be in control of your business and not let what you don't know about business control you! Imagine making decisions about any aspect of your business without guessing. The sooner you grasp the proven basics of business the sooner you will start making good business decisions.

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